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All Things Arty

15 Jul 2021 | Groups, News


Nearly everyone has noticed the wonderful mural that greets them on the way into Headway ADP House.

Just over two months ago, Marina felt that something needed to be done about our very sterile front entrance to make it as welcoming as the interior of the building. After a brief discussion and investigation, we decided to seek a solution.

Through the assistance of “Book and Artist” Ms Alessia Zanetti devised a large work built on a range of activities and concepts that speak visually to our participants. Partly abstract and certainly contemporary, the design incorporates the items and activities that connect with the hearts and minds of our ABI community, and most of our participants can find a piece of themselves in the work.

Alessia approaches her work with a broad life perspective. Growing up in Italy, studying philosophy and moving to Australia, Alessia is inspired by the stories behind her work, and a genuine interest in creating something that tells a story to the audience.

Thank you Alessia, your work has exceeded our expectations and draws the viewer in. It is a statement of who we are, the elements of our life, our joys, struggles and frailties.

Feedback by Participants

This mural has many things I enjoy to do in my spare time, such as fishing, drinking coffee and yoga. Thank you Alessio for a great job. FANTASTIC

– Ari

The football on the mural identifies my passion for the game, should of been the bunnies colours

– Peter

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