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Balmoral Beach 2020

21 Feb 2020 | Outings


Article by Doug Pratten

Our journey began on the rowdy but fun bus. Everyone was pumped up and ready for another for another exciting outing with Headway ADP staff and participants. Telling jokes and throwing friendly insults in the bus was our key point of fun (even the bus driver was not spared) and also distracted us to forget the long ride to Balmoral Beach.

Once we arrived at our destination, everyone felt relaxed as they took in the panoramic scenery and the calm waters of Balmoral Beach. It is situated on the North Shore with many Cafés and fish’n’chips shops, which was quite convenient for some of us to access.

The Participants were ushered off the bus and settled under a shady oak tree to enjoy the scenery and take photos. The promenade was easily accessible so most of our Participants were happy to go for a walk while our lunch was being cooked. We all had a great idea and ordered earlier while on the bus at the iconic ” Bottom of the Harbour Seafood” . This did save us all a lot of time.

After lunch it was time for frolicking at the beach, Lee and Vicki went down to the rocks in a safe area to look for crustaceans while Cassie and Doug sat on one of the vantage point benches admiring the beauty of the harbour. Ron saw an opportunity he couldn’t resist when he saw his beloved animal, a dog, walking with its owners. The owners were kind enough to allow Ron to pat and talk to the dog, and we all know that Ron is an animal lover.

Next was our new Uber Ride! Cassie hailed a spare wheelchair (which belonged to one of our lovely participants Helen) for a ride assisted by the ever helpful Eric. Helen’s wheelchair proved to be very versatile that day. We had a few Participants who were so worn out from their walk that they borrowed the chair for a short trip to get to the toilets.

Big thanks to Helen for graciously coming to the rescue. Helen was happy to be seated comfortably on a park bench and watch on.

Along with my support worker Lan we walked from one end of the promenade to the other, just admiring the views and the many different yachts moored near by. This was the main activity of the trip for every one.

The interaction on the day amongst the staff, Participants and some of the locals was no doubt fun filled and priceless., but of course not without the cheekiness and the quirkiness that comes with being part of the Headway ADP Family.

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