Covid Vaccinations

24 Sep 2021 | News


BACKGROUND: On 25 March 2020 Headway ADP started the Covid 19 lockdown journey. Since this time, we have had periods of online groups, some brief periods of re-opening and then, from June this year, a much longer shut down that has now impacted for over 3 months.

THE PRESENT: So where are we now? Firstly, congratulations to all participants and support staff who have stepped up for vaccination. Our vaccination percentages are fantastic, and this is great news.

THE FUTURE: As we all now recognise, reopening and the right to do the things we want to do in the future all comes down to getting the jab and avoiding serious illness. By the end of TERM October 2 and towards the end 2022 of the year, we hope to be able to do many of the things we used to take for granted and go to places that we currently can’t.

INFORMED CHOICE: WE will see restaurants, clubs, events, flights, holiday destinations and certain retail spaces all ask for evidence of Covid Vaccination in the future. This means that for our Participants and Support Workers, proof of vaccination will be your passport to freedom. You can choose not to be vaccinated, but you may find it difficult to retain supports or achieve many of your personal goals. With any choice comes consequences.

CHOICE AND DECISION MAKING: People do have the right not to be vaccinated and no-one should be forced. But the question is not as simple as individual freedoms. What this does come down to is a simple question. Does my right to choose not to be vaccinated give me the right to infect others with Covid? Does what I want potentially cause risk to others?My personal view is no. Choice should never mean that you consciously place others at risk.

PROOF: Without vaccination, we would still be seeing millions of deaths through smallpox, tetanus, measles, polio, and a raft of other horrid diseases. Covid vaccines have been tested as rigorously as any in our history, and they will be even better over time as we learn more about the virus. So? .a big well done to all of you ? 2022 will be better for it!

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