Driving Made Possible

15 Apr 2021 | NDIS Goals


By Gabby Younes

Gab has always had strong interests in cars and driving. He loves the sense of being in control, the speed, and freedom. Since the brain injury, one of his biggest dreams is to being able to drive again. Whilst Gab is in the process of applying for his conditional driving license, he had the chance to make his long-term goal come true.

It all happened at Go Extreme Karting in Villawood, an indoor go-karting venue with a 500m long track, equipped with 270cc Biz karts and Australia’s only fast paces overpass bridge. We went for a 20 minute driving session, and after the first 2 laps, Gab proved to be a sound motorist. His best lap time was 51 secs, outran his support worker of 53 seconds. Awesome work Gab! Here’s what Gab had to say:

What did you like most about go-karting?

It gave me an opportunity to drive again, something I’ve always loved to do but unable to since my brain injury.

What was the best thing about this event?

Feeling like I am in control. Going fast and changing directions quickly was really fun. I think the staff were also real friendly, patient, and thorough with their instructions. I was really happy overall.

What did you not like about go-karting?

It was initially difficult for me to get comfortable in the kart, getting used to press the pedal and turn the steering wheel. But once I got the hang of it, it was “mad”

How did the helmet feel?

I am glad there was one that fitted my big head.

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