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Groups for me at Headway ADP

7 Feb 2021 | NDIS Goals


By Rajneel Kumar

I started attending the BEAT group in 2017. In BEAT we do exercise, then use the iPad, have morning tea, followed by art and craft. I like the exercise because it keeps us healthy. I also play Lumosity almost every day as I have the app on my iPad and it is fun!!

I have wanted to join the cooking class for the last 4 years. Finally, this year after our lockdown I was able to join the Monday group. I used to do cooking at school on Monday mornings, so participating in the Headway Cooking Group has helped me keep those skills I have developed continue. I enjoy the group as I get to try new foods and everyone talks to each other.

During the Covid 19 lockdown it was boring not being able to do anything. When groups restarted, at Headway ADP and I heard the fantastic news that I was able to start cooking, I was happy and excited. Cooking and BEAT have given me something to do, something to learn and has given me the opportunity to meet new people.

Rajneel Kumar


Headway ADP presented Rajneel Kumar an award in recognition for his excellent results in the BEAT Program. Rajneel has shown remarkable improvement with his cognitive memory, speed and spacial awareness. This has proven to pay off for Rajneel, as he has trained on a daily basis to achieve these great results.

Left is a photo of Rajneel with his award. The smile on his face says it all. Rajneel was happy to achieve this award. He is looking forward to coming back to groups in February 2021.

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