It’s The Headway Bunch

15 Jun 2020 | Groups



By Emma Tabet

Term 2 looked a bit different for our groups at Headway as we took them online. For cooking, we used a program called Zoom. This program allowed us to see each other through the IPads and we could chat with each other. We cooked like we do at Headway, but this time from the comfort of our own homes. Some of our participants have liked the meals so much they have bought the ingredients and cooked the meal again.

BEAT was done a bit differently to cooking. With the help of Charles, I pre-recorded our BEAT sessions and each week Marina tirelessly uploaded them to YouTube. This allowed our participants to be able to complete BEAT in their own time and pace. Instead of staying inside to complete it, some participants have taken their support worker for a long walk around their neighbourhood.

In Week 4 we had a Zoom meeting so we could connect with each and have a group discussion. We had a great time chatting and laughing with each other.

I am proud of all the participants for embracing these changes. I know it isn?t the same as being at Headway, and we have had a few minor technical issues, but the enthusiasm everyone has shown towards this endeavour is fantastic! From all the feedback we have received we are missing being all together but are enjoying being able to cook in our own homes and doing BEAT at our own pace. Hopefully we will be able to meet again at Headway soon enough, but in the meantime I?ll see you through the IPad screen.

Headway adp participant preparing brunch

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