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Life is Bigger Than a Brain Injury

11 Oct 2022 | News



Was the theme for our annual brain injury awareness week. Disability should not define any one of us, and for people with a lived experience of ABI, this theme gave participants the opportunity to reflect on their lives and achievements post traum a or stroke. In addition to our regular get together, the day focused on how although living with a brain injury, a life can still be well lived, full of potential, and full of rewards.

Thanks to the team at Headway House for arranging the catering for the day and to all the support staff who continue to be part of our incredible journey. Individual contributions (e.g., Ron’s poster) are always well received and will be proudly displayed within the building.

Next year will be a very big one for Headway ADP. It will mark 40 years since the service kicked off as the brainchild of Lidcombe Hospital, The NSW Government, and the local community. The fact that we are still standing and proudly serving the community says a lot for my predecessors and the determination they had to give individuals/participants with an acquired brain Injury a stronger voice and raise awareness in the local community.

Aimee Chugg – Groups Skills Development Leader

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