Marina Liaskos – 20 Strong Years

22 Aug 2022 | News

Marina Liaskos 20 years with Headway adp

20 years with an employer is an amazing feat these days. Most people entering the workforce today will have at least 7 job changes, will have multiple career changes, and many will retrain to move to other employers in a different role.

Marina started at Headway ADP in 2002 after a distinguished career in Aged Care and Operational Logistics and Support (St George Cab Company). When Marina came to Headway ADP in 2002 it had minimal technology, the program received block grants/funding and the focus was purely about Social Programs. Through much of this period Marina raised 3 sons, provided administrative support to the organisation and was the business backbone for reports, communications, and data collection.

When I walked into Headway ADP in 2016, only two staff in Maria Seraphim and Marina, had committed to stay on with the roll out of the NDIS. It was a real leap of faith after the struggles of the previous two decades. 2016/17 was really a time when Headway ADP was at risk of folding. Headway ADP’s challenge was to maintain the intent of its founders whilst adapting to a

brand-new business environment. This was no easy task. Marina knew that Headway ADP had to overcome huge odds to survive. Stepping out of her old role into a position where creativity, energy and courage was required.

Marina was quickly offered the full-time role of Operations Coordinator which she still occupies today. She had learned a great deal about the participants and their character in her time at Headway ADP.

Marina’s ability to see the future and potential to revolutionise our communications and service infrastructure was amazing. She quickly eliminated the awful paper trail and overheads that would undermine our survival. She also carried good knowledge of our accreditation framework, which underpins quality service. Headway ADP recruited staff and boldly pushed forward. Marina focused on building a different service capability with smart technology. We now support about 25 families and around 30 something participants who wouldn’t have it any other way. We rarely let people down.

The best compliment I can pay to Marina is that she never gave up on Headway ADP and is central to the reality that we are here to stay.

Whether it be through recruitment, rostering, coordination, problem solving or innovation, Marina has helped move Headway ADP forward 20 years in just over 5. She is part of our backbone (in football terms our spine). Our future and capacity to provide services has blossomed through her guidance.

Notable Achievements:

  • We now have state of the art communication capability from Support Staff to Finance Department.
  • We have seen a role out of ipads and electronic communications across all staff.
  • We have the best rosters with the least dropouts of any service I have worked with.
  • We have excellent quality and policy databases and resources.
  • We have a commitment to local businesses, our people, and the whole ABI community of Southwest Sydney.
  • We have full ducted air conditioning, advanced security systems and a conference room and activities space that supports interactive entertainment and training capability.
  • We also can continue services remotely if we have disruption. One giant leap for Headway ADP, means that we may well achieve our 50th Anniversary a decade from now. Congratulations Marina on a great 20 years, but particularly the last half dozen. Your legacy at Headway ADP is assured.

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