NAN TIEN TEMPLE – Wollongong

30 Oct 2019 | Outings


The Participants provided feedback after their trip to the Nan Tien Temple on the 30th October 2019.

The feedback provided was:

  • 77% of our participants had fun during this activity
  • 100% of our participants enjoyed the company of people in the group
  • 66% of the participants agreed that participants would like to come back and do this activity again, while 34% did not agree
  • 100% agree that the cost to attend this activity was affordable
  • 100% of the participants agreed that they felt supported by staff during this activity
  • 90% of the participants responded that the activity made them feel happy.
  • 78% of the participants reported that the activity increased their independence on the day
  • 79% of our participants agreed that this activity improved their self esteem

The evaluation also captured some of the written responses these were:-

“How can this activity be improved?”

  • The temple was great but there were far too many steps
  • I really enjoyed talking to others in the group
  • No need to change it was great
  • I didn’t like the noise in the group

“What did you like the most and/or least about this activity?”

  • Least was the steps the most was being with my friends
  • I liked the monuments in the temple and the company of the people
  • Likes the serenity of the place

RECAP – Article by Emma Tabet

On Wednesday 30th October, participants and staff excitedly arrived at Headway ADP to board the bus for our outing to Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong. There was a lot of chatter and laughter on trip as well as the occasional cheeky ?Are We There Yet??

We had a quick pit stop at the Southern Gateway Centre where we stretched our legs and used the lookout for a spectacular view over Bulli. Ten minutes later we were back on the bus and onto the final stretch of our journey to the temple.

When we arrived at Nan Tien Temple we had a group photo, then everyone headed off to look around. Everywhere you looked there was something to see- statues, fish ponds and the great rooms of the temple. It was very opulent! Some participants followed the traditions and

took their shoes off to enter the main temple, others just stood at the doorway and looked in. There was definitely a lot to see in there.

Many of the participants gathered at the café for lunch, with a large variety of vegetarian food on offer. It was said that some of the food tasted like chicken! After lunch everyone headed back to the bus, weary from all the stairs.

On our way home there was a wave of appreciation for our bus driver as he made a sneaky McDonalds stop for those who hadn?t eaten yet. The closer we got to Headway ADP the quieter the bus became, with a few people nodding off.

It was a good day with most of taking away 3 things from the trip- amazing architecture, only vegetarian food and, lots and lots of stairs!!

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