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NDS Recognition Award

26 Nov 2021 | News


Late this year, Headway ADP proudly accepted a recognition award for 20 years membership of NDS (National Disability Services), the peak organisation representing the disability sector at a national level.

Speaking personally, the advice from NDS throughout the Covid 19 crisis, and the representation of Karen Stace in particular, has enabled this service to sail through some very challenging issues.

We are proud to be part of a very dedicated industry who strive to give their participants a real voice. NDS give volume and credibility to that voice.

A 20-year acknowledgement says a lot about Headway ADP, but it does certainly reaffirm one thing. We intend to be around for at least another 20 years, contributing to our unique community of

persons living with an Acquired Brain Injury, throughout South-West Sydney. Thank you NDS, for helping us to promote the life goals that are so important to the people and carers we serve.

Bill Sayer
Business Manager

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