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Our own desktops

22 Aug 2022 | News

Headay adp participants get their own desktop pc

When Headway ADP was given a grant to upgrade its computers through the generosity of a State Government
grant, the question was asked about what would happen to our limited number of perfectly good HP computers, that were part of our upgrade a few years ago?

Marina our Business Operations Coordinator said it would be great if some of our participants could benefit from a computer, as it could open a new world to them. So, what next. On the back of ZOOM and remote servicing brought by Covid, we were able to give a number away and have them set up due to the expertise of Support Worker Charles Chan. Charles has gone above and beyond to give participants our own version of “Geeks to You”.

Just some of the successes:

  • Thi – Can withdraw to her own space and watch Vietnamese or other movies alone or with friends.
  • Omar – Learning on YouTube and setting up for better communication using email and eventually, webcam. A great resource for his family.
  • Michael Wright – Getting amongst sports and other topics of interest
  • Patrick– A bit of an IT geek himself, Patrick loves playing with different technology and software.

This is an example of how Headway ADP seeks to give back to its greatest asset, our participants!


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