Sami’s Scooter

19 Apr 2023 | News


One of Sami’s biggest goals was always to receive a scooter through the NDIS.

Sami requested assistance from his Service Coordinators, Sam, and Maria, to navigate the NDIS, and undertake the assessments required to obtain funding for a scooter that was suitable for his needs. Sami identified that he would use the scooter to increase his independence in the community. He previously relied solely on walking and public transport to get to and from locations such as the local shopping centre to pick up grocery items for his family.

Sami’s Service Coordinators arranged an Occupational Therapist through Prestige Health Services to complete a driving assessment. During the trial, he impressed the OT with how safely he was able to operate the scooter – it was second nature to Sami!

Sam and Maria assisted Sami throughout the entire process and after several assessments, reports, and reviews with the NDIS, Sami finally received adequate funding in his NDIS plan to purchase a brand-new scooter!

Since Sami received the scooter, his Coordinators have assisted him to purchase an all-weather canopy through his NDIS funding, as well as other additional features to ensure the scooter is perfect for Sami!

Sami can now access the local shopping centre and pick up groceries for his family in half the time it previously took to walk!

Sami is over the moon with the outcome and is so proud of his scooter.

Article by Samantha Lia – Service Coordinator.

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