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Service Charter

Headway ADP is a specialist Brain Injury Service enabling Participants to achieve life goals through effective planning communication and one to one support which encourages independence and social inclusion.

Our Vision

Encourage participants with an Acquired Brain Injury to achieve their life goals.

Our Mission

Headway ADP provides participants who live with an Acquired Brain Injury the advocacy, support and guidance to achieve their life goals. We are committed to empowering all participants to reach their full potential through an individualised, person centred approach.

Our Values

Empowerment- Inclusion – Respect Quality- Transparency-Diversity

The service charter has been developed with feedback from participants and underpins our commitment to our participants. The aim of this charter is to provide you with a clear understanding of the standards of service you can expect when using our services and your rights and responsibilities as a service user. When you use Headway ADP services, we will:

  • Treat you with courtesy, respect and dignity
  • Be fair, open and reasonable
  • Respect your privacy and confidentiality and comply with privacy laws
  • To have any complaints dealt with in a timely manner
  • Operate within the NDIS Practice Standards
  • Provide services individually tailored to meet your needs
  • Promote self-determination and assist you to make informed decisions and choices
  • Promote safe work practises to protect participants and staff
  • Provide you with information about other services if we are able to assist you
  • Provide access where appropriate to interpreters, advocates information using various media and community resources.


  • All Headway ADP Participants are made aware of the Organisations Service Charter after intake, at Participant Get Togethers and through multimedia ie-Newsletters, Participant Guide, Website.

Your rights

As a participant at Headway ADP you have a right to:
  • Person Centred and tailored services, with recognition for your individual needs and situation
  • Information in a format that is appropriate for you
  • Choose your level of involvement in Headway ADP services
  • Change workers
  • Make choices and decisions that enables your right to intimacy and sexual expression.
  • Make choices and informed decisions that promotes dignity of risk in decision making.
  • Receive support to develop and maintain your identity (i.e. personal gender sexuality, cultural religious and spiritual).
  • • Receive support to connect with maintain and strengthen family/kinship networks.
  • Access activities and environments that embrace freedom of cultural expression and are culturally safe.
  • Refuse or reject activities or choices unless there is safety or contractual requirements as part of a service plan.
  • Provide feedback or communication regarding any aspect of services that you receive.

Your responsibilities

As a participant of Headway ADP we ask you to:
  • Provide, to the best of your knowledge, all accurate, relevant and up to date information that helps us provide services to you
  • Tell Headway ADP about any changes to your needs or circumstances
  • Treat Headway ADP staff and other participants with courtesy and respect
  • Show consideration for other participants when involved in group activities/outings
  • Actively work with Headway ADP support on your goals
  • Commit to attending your chosen groups and activities
  • Provide Headway ADP with notice in the event of non-attendance or cancelling services