By combining physical and cognitive exercise with social interaction and new activities.

BEAT program

Headway ADP’S B.E.A.T program assists with brain function, skill development and self-esteem.

B.E.A.T is a program based on the latest research into the neuroplasticity of the brain. The program is run by qualified and experienced Headway ADP staff and is tailored to meeting the needs of people living with Acquired Brain Injury.

The program is in four parts

Headway adp participants enjoying excercise beat program

Physical Exercise

Get moving and increase your heart rate to start the program. Exercise and have fun at the same time. Dance to music, play soccer, balls games or use our specialist equipment such as the octoband.

Headway adp participants lumosity

Cognitive Exercise

Cross train your brain through a combination of games, activities and computer based programs. Work on areas such as memory, problem solving, attention, flexibility and speed of information processing.

Headway adp participants social beat


Social interaction is an important part of the program. So while enjoying morning tea on our veranda participate in stimulating conversation to practise and improve your social and language skills.

Headway ADP Beat participants art creations

Learning new activities

New activities are learnt through our art classes. Come and try dot art, papier mache, collage work or paint a canvas while working on new learning, problem solving, attention or improving your fine motor skills.