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Community Education

Personal stories to raise awareness of the impact of a brain injury
Headway ADP Participant

What is in a presentation

An Acquired Brain Injury can change your life forever. Our panel of presenters will share their lived experience to highlight the behaviours that can typically lead to a brain injury, and the impact this has had on their lives.

Our presentations include:


Facts about acquired brain injury including traumatic brain injury through motor vehicle accidents


Guest speaker/s who have sustained an acquired brain injury through a motor vehicle accident, fall, assault or heart attack.


Carer experience video


Interaction/question time.



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Each presentation is for up to 1 hour.
Presentations can be tailored to suite your individual requirements.

Preview Presentations

Speakers talk about their personal experiences with the aim of preventing brain injuries from happening to other people and to raise awareness in the general community. Headway ADP has a powerful panel of guest speakers with ‘real life’ stories about the impact that acquired brain injury has had on their lives.